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Said Nursi’s Quest for Truth: We Demand Unshakeable Evidence!

“Every era has its ruling principle. We seek evidence, not to be deceived by just listing the characteristics of the alleged matter.”

Why don’t we believe in narratives that have existed for centuries and instead insist on evidence? Let me simplify.

“Because now, the source of the wisdom and truths that rain from the vast plains of the present to the mountains of the future is intellect, truth, and wisdom.”

Another reason?

“The newly developing tendency to seek truth, the love for truth, and prioritizing the welfare of all humanity over personal gains, leading to humane actions, are only satisfied by absolute and definitive evidence. Nothing else can satisfy modern people.”

He continues: “Yes, we live in the present but are candidates for the future. Heroic narratives and well-spoken descriptions no longer satisfy our minds. We demand evidence, evidence; we are not deceived by mere descriptions. Descriptions and embellishments of the alleged do not satiate our minds. We seek Burhan (strong, unshakeable, definitive evidence).”

I then ask: “But it wasn’t like this in the past. Is this a new narrative?”

He answers: “In the past, power, carnal desires, and passions often led to injustice, tyranny, and arbitrary practices. Secondly, enmity towards others overshadowed adherence to one’s profession or love for one’s disposition. Thirdly, prejudice and bias, hindering the discovery of truth, were prevalent. Thus, truth concealed itself in such an environment, where nothing existed but enmity, war, conflict, and argument.”

Muslims must escape the world of delusions and fantasies. He hasn’t finished his response, continuing: “Moreover, these tyrannies were fueled by prejudice, accusing others of being misguided, and presenting ideas that are actually untrue and meaningless as if they were correct. Yet, all these are contrary to Islamic values, obstructing both love and natural cooperation among Muslims and people. Instead, we should prioritize truth, reason, convincing evidence, brotherhood, and cooperation. Indeed, these were dominant during the era of happiness (referring to the Prophet’s time), immediately answering doubts that arose in minds and hearts. I hope that this mindset, dominant until the fifth century, returns and Muslims escape the world of delusions and fantasies.”

He concludes with a vow, verbatim: “I swear by the Qur’an’s wise style…”

What does he say after this oath?

“That disregarding reason, ending the search for evidence, and blindly following the clergy led to deviations among Christians.”

In conclusion, after listing Qur’an verses that encourage active reasoning, such as, “Do you not think, do you not take lessons, do you not use your reason?” he says, “Move beyond the apparent!”

Meaning, set aside literal interpretations and think, “The truth awaits you. Find it with your reason.”

But his final four-word sentence is profound: “But when you see the truth, do not be offended. It is essential and necessary.”

He seems to say, “You might ask who this is; it’s Bediüzzaman Said Nursi.”

A towering figure who marked an era. His true value, neither recognized in his own time nor since his passing in 1960, remains a unique mystery. The insights mentioned are from his book “Mukakemat,” first published in 1911. Assuming these thoughts were written in 1911, it is now 2024, 113 years later, yet his observations remain valid, and unfortunately, there has been no significant change in our generally troubled state.

So, why write such an article?

Nobody is obliged to agree with my spoken or written thoughts. Everyone should use their own reason and judgment, not entrusting their intellect or judgment to anyone else. They should patiently read and listen to opposing views, then consult the evidence of both their old and new information, making their decisions after consulting others deemed competent in the matter. One should not resort to insults, slander, or approach matters coldly.

I hope that these words spoken by the Master 113 years ago will guide us on this path.

Hope, indeed, is what sustains humanity, and for that, we are grateful!

*We are not deceived by unsubstantiated descriptions of the alleged matter.

**He seems to be referring to Medieval Christianity.

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